Friday, April 29, 2011

pink tulips...

What?  You don't see any pink tulips?  The packaging showed pink tulips.  There are a few little pink ones, but the majority are red with white, or, white with red.  According to Nicholas -- the boy who believes that his 9th grade biology class is a waste of time -- this is a case of "incomplete dominance".  

Even though I am disappointed that they are not all pink, I  am happy there are so many, and I do think they are quite lovely.  :-)


  1. Yes, I think they are quite lovely too! Neighbors tulips are all gone already. I wish they would bloom a little longer.


  2. Hi Linda,

    I agree with your mom, the tulips are lovely. My hostas are huge, and, the tulips have already seen their last day unfortunately. I wish they would have bloomed longer too. I don't think that they liked all of this rain we've been having. Your garden is coming along nicely I see.

    Hope you are feeling better.



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