Tuesday, May 29, 2012

voices from the past...


Not sure what prompted me to dig these vintage records out of the garage today.  I was actually going to throw them in the garbage -- but I realized that I DO have a 78 rpm setting on my record player -- so I ended up listening to them instead.  The copyright on the "Diamond Record" label is 1909.  So, that means that the man who is singing on that record did so over 100 years ago.  The singing man has no name -- it is just labeled "baritone solo".  From the pile of about 20 records, so far I've listened to 3.  I would like to think that these records belonged to my great grandparents -- but even if they didn't -- this would be the kind of music they would have listened to "back in the day"... a long... long... time ago.

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