Thursday, August 9, 2012

land of ginormous plants...

My monster high bee girl and her little lps bee friend are in awe of the tallest marigold plant ever in our garden -- as of today, the height of this plant is 28".  I have placed my (antique) yardstick next to the plant as a size reference.  The view of the pink hydrangea plant behind it is completely obstructed by this phenomenon!  Rick has already mentioned that we will be saving the seeds of this plant (for next year :-) 


A view of the sunflowers at the back of the house.  The tallest plant currently measures 14 - 15 feet in height!  The trunk of the tallest plant has a slight curve to it -- otherwise the plant height would be at least a foot more!

Okay, so the question is...are these sunflowers taller than the 26 Hatfield Place* variety.  I am going to have to search through the photo archives and see if I can answer that question. 

*Note:  26 Hatfield Place variety sunflowers were those grown in my father's garden while I was growing up.


  1. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the 26 Hatfield sunflowers had much bigger sunflowers or "faces' to them. Not sure!


  2. I think you're right. The flowers we have this year might be a different variety than those.


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