Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~ halloween postponed...

Our front porch is eerily silent this halloween due to hurricane sandy.  Governor Christie has rescheduled the trick or treating festivities for November 5.

~ halloween...postponed

Our experiences earlier today...

~ no internet, phone, tv
~ no power
~ no cell phone
~ no sun
~ no fun...

I was using my laptop on battery power -- connected via wifi on battery power.


Our electric, internet, tv and phone came back on around 3 p.m.  My cell phone is still a bit iffy (tracfone).

Hope you're all okay.  I haven't heard from anyone since this happened.


  1. So, what does this mean? We don't get to see the costume? I was so looking forward to it.

    Beautiful day here. I hope it is the same there.


    1. I will try to get a photo. Hope you are doing well :-)

    2. I'll be waiting and looking...



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