Sunday, April 21, 2013

~ sunday...

Good morning!  It's 9:23 a.m. and about 35 degrees and windy -- brrrr....!  This is the first part of the project for today.  The hostas will be removed from this area and replanted on the side of the house near the new trees.  Franklins Gems boxwoods will be planted to replace these hosta plants.  Some grass will be removed (see outline with hose on right side of photo).  A large variegated hosta will be moved from the side of the house, split, and planted in the area where the grass is removed.  Mulch will be put down.  We will also add rocks in the area between the walkway and the new boxwoods (but not today).  When the weather finally warms up, annuals will be planted at the front corner areas of the walkway.


10:32. a.m. We have a willing assistant!  YaY, Sofia!


11:12 a.m. Not even an hour has passed and our assistant is already taking a break!


2:29 p.m.  Boxwoods are planted, hostas are planted, mulch is down, sidewalk and walkway have been swept and washed, boxwoods and hostas have been watered.  This area is done for today.


After a short break for lunch, it's back to work by the trees on the side of the house!  Note:  our assistant has conveniently disappeared. 


Approximately 5:00 p.m.  After digging and planting for two consecutive days, Mr. Rick hangs up his shovel and gloves then heads inside for the day.

To be cont'd...


  1. WOW! It looks great & I'm sure you have & will get many great compliments from your neighbors! We too are going to separate and put some hostas on hill next to back steps going down to the back yard. You are way ahead of us in the landscaping but we did empty & clean the pond this morning. That was a big job & one glad to be done with. Dad just went to get gas for mower and then I'm going to mow back yard while he does a little burning. My spring weeding of beds is about 90 percent finished. Will be glad when that job is done. Gonna go out & do some plant feeding now. Tell Rick everything looks great!!

    Hugs to all, Mom

    1. Thank you for the compliment :-) The weather this weekend was definitely on our side for this task!


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