Friday, August 9, 2013

~ sunflower update...

I was waiting for the sunflowers to fully open before giving this update.  However, as Nicholas and I were floating around in the pool I thought that it might be a good time to snap a photo -- just in case -- because of the possibility for thunderstorms this afternoon.


As I expected, the sunflower on the left is the tallest...once again.  The sunflowers this year are not so spectacular.  Most of our plants this summer seem to be that way -- except for those strange marigolds in the large pot.  Have you ever seen long stemmed marigolds?  These are Rick's "experiment".  Do you think he's invented something new?  hee...hee... ;-)


  1. Hey what's up the the plants his year? Mine are not very robust either.


    1. Not sure...Rick thinks it has something to do with the really cool weather during the spring maybe?


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