Tuesday, December 15, 2009

running out of time...

...before Santa's arrival. For this year, we are done with the outside decorations. Next year, we will add a little bit more.


Do you like my "antlers"? :-) These are new for this year.


These are made from tree branches that we collected the first summer we lived in this house. During that summer there were not many finished houses and alot of construction dust and dirt blowing around. The trees were newly planted and small. We were experiencing very dry weather, so, I took it upon myself to care for the trees at the curb surrounding our house and also a group of trees directly across from us in the conservation area. When we pruned the trees, I kept some of the branches with the thought that I would make something with them. It has taken me awhile -- but I like the result. I already have a sentimental attachment to these branches, so, I am happy to see them and they are just fun for me to look at!

They are simply sprayed with gold spray paint and attached to the posts with clear plastic tie wrap. The ornaments are shatterproof. For extra protection from the elements, I reinforced the top of each ornament with hot glue. Curling ribbon was then double-tied to each ornament and then double-tied to the antlers. If you are going to do this, then make sure your branches are sturdy enough to hold the ornaments without bending. We have very windy weather here, so, I am learning (mostly the hard way) that if something is made for outside it needs to be tough! Not sure if you noticed what I did in this picture back in October. Those were smaller branches that I sprayed with black spray paint. They didn't have the ornaments, so I went for the twiggy, spindly effect in that design.

I plan to expand on both of these tree inspired designs. I know of some very old and lovely birch and oak trees that I would like to add to my collection -- so hopefully some of my readers will save their prunings for me!

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