Thursday, April 29, 2010

is it thursday...already?

I don't even remember the last time I took a "Thursday". Has it been that long? Probably... Anyhoo, today I have two totally different ways of stealing at least a couple of hours for myself.

The first is in the photo. Don't start scratching your head -- yes, they are from here. Now, before you get all critical, take a look at what you've forgotten about in the past few months. Okay, I know, it's only me...right? I'm probably a little worse than you though -- I have been sitting here for the past few days trying to figure out how to install the photoshop software (the system requirements include a DVD drive -- which I did not have and now have borrowed), and, trying to figure out where I can get a good instruction manual. Confused? Yup, me too -- because -- the good instruction manual was sitting on the floor behind the chair I am typing from -- right under the box of photoshop software. Rule of the day -- you should never make life easy for yourself by organizing projects in advance... Enough said about this.

The second therapy for the day is to run over to Kohl's and spend my Kohl's cash. The weather is beautiful...the puppy can take a nap...the fighting cats are separated (this is an entirely new event and a story in itself). But wait. Are you asking yourself -- now, how did she get that Kohl's cash if she didn't already go for shopping therapy? The shopping trip that earned me the Kohl's cash did not qualify as such. I was under pressure to return an entire outfit and then purchase an entire new outfit for Sofia's communion party -- the stress of the Tahu saga took it's toll on me and I lost an entire dress size. On top of that, I had to find a pair of dressy shoes for Nicholas to wear to the party -- with the condition that Rick could use them for work after the party was over. Yes, Nicholas wears the same size shoe as Rick now. It actually works out in the dress shoe area -- only. They are each very protective of their foot gear otherwise.

Before I use up my allotted therapy time -- let's get off to Thursday...

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