Wednesday, March 2, 2011

being green...

What?  You didn't know that I am Irish?  Well...I used to be -- but since I turned 40, I'm not anymore...long story better left untold...

Anyhow, as me olde Italian grandmother, Mary, used to say -- "everyone is a wee bit Irish on St. Patty's day..." So, this year I decided to add a couple of St. Patrick's day flags to my collection.  Rick said okay to these because they have Snoopy and Charlie Brown on them -- otherwise he is thinking I'm going a bit bonzo...  I promised not to get too carried away with the decorations -- but, I don't have anything for my front door (which I always decorate).  So, I decided to cut out a few shamrocks with my Cricut.  Only thing is -- I don't have a cartridge with a shamrock shape.  Now, do you think that would that stop me?  Of course not.  To create the shamrocks shown in the photo I used 3 heart shapes plus a rectangle.  I "welded" them together, expanded them to 8" and cut them out.

I'm off to take down the snowflakes and put up the shamrocks.  Maybe I'll see a rainbow ... :-)

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  1. Good morning Linda,

    No, I absolutely did not think that was going to stop you! Actually, I was beginning to wonder where the St. Patty's Day decorations were. You know, my father used to say the same thing as your Gram about everyone being Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Can't wait to see them up.

    Have a good day.



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