Friday, October 7, 2011


...Steve Jobs

Why am I writing this post?  Because, when I was a "career girl" -- he was a big part of what I did everyday as a systems software analyst/programmer.  I worked in a department of 4 people originally involved in the "computerization" of a major NY law firm.  I never shook this man's hand, but, I attended his seminars.  My boss at the time was intensely "jealous" of him -- which meant that he thought of him as a genius.

That was a long time ago...and now...I feel that this is the end to that chapter in my history...

Events such as this can allow us to move forward, and, surprisingly sometimes more freely than we would have expected.


So, today...I am moving forward to whatever I set for myself as a goal...and, maybe to make...a teeny dent...

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