Monday, November 21, 2011

budget buster...

How did I forget to put closet shelving in the budget for our basement project?  Wasn't it all about "the closet" when I began posting about this basement project?  Tsk...tsk... we are...Rick in his white socks explaining to me that the shelving brackets in the boxes on the floor cost $10 each.  There are 20 brackets in each box.  There are 2 boxes.  You do the math.  

After grappling with this for almost 2 days, Rick mentions to me that the style of the brackets that are in my bedroom closet -- the brackets that I "hate" -- are available and cost much, MUCH less.  He didn't want me to have the brackets that I "hate" in the closets he made for me.  How sweet is that!  :-)  So, I told him -- it's okay -- forget all that mushy stuff -- I can deal with the "ugly" brackets in the basement closet.  I would much rather spend those $$ on the flooring or -- his big screen TV.  ;-) 

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