Monday, December 26, 2011

holiday cookies...

Those delicious looking cookies in my new background were made by my sweet neighbor.  After tasting them, I had to know if she would share her recipe.  When she told me they were from Martha Stewart, I remembered that I received her Christmas Cookbook as a gift last year -- and the recipe is right in there!  Yay!  :-)

And... if you're wondering why I have an Ortega Loaded Nacho recipe in the photo too -- it's because I finally found it -- the day after I needed the recipe.  I spent quite a few hours looking for that recipe last week.  Oh well... guess I'll just make those loaded nachos to eat while we're playing Pictionary ~or~ Jenga ~or~ Sorry on New Year's eve.  :-)

Oh, and during my search I also found that I have two of the same Mary Engelbreit holiday cookbooks. Not sure how that happened, but I'm thinking it's time to organize my cookbook cabinet. :-)


  1. Hi Linda -

    It does look like you had a nice holiday. It is nice to know that you did not take credit for those delicious looking cookies in the background (ha). Okay, who took a bite out of one and put the rest of the cookie back?


  2. Me! I needed energy while I was taking the photo! :-)


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