Saturday, April 21, 2012

first blooms...

a new background...

My new background photo was inspired by our first iris bloom (bottom left corner of photo).  This plant was originally in my father's garden, then my sister's garden, and, now in mine!  Can I call it an "heirloom" plant?  :-)  The hostas behind the tree are also from my father's garden, and, the lily of the valley was given to us by a neighbor.  Anyhow, this is my favorite corner of our yard.  This was the absolute worst area of the yard.  It has no purpose...but I had a "vision" for it.  And, now it is lovely enough to be shared with you.

Here are more "first" blooms from this morning's walk around the yard...

Hope you find the lovely this Saturday... :-)

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  1. Looks really nice especially on a rainy day like today!



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