Monday, June 25, 2012

pre-july work in progress...

I'm not sure of who I am blogging for these summer days.  Hopefully your all off doing fun things when you're not here reading about us!  :-)

The inspiration for this project came by way of this post over at crazymomquilts blog: .

I am making a seat cover for the bay window bench!  I did not purchase anything new for this project.  The stripe fabric (Nicey Jane collection by Heather Bailey) had a prior life as window valances right above those windows in this photo:

The blue fabric (Chanteclaire fabrics)  I purchased before Sofia was born.  I'm not sure when I purchased the white fabric -- maybe about five years ago.  Anyhoo...I am very happy about working on this.  It is keeping my sanity while trying to organize summer doings for us -- and in between all of the annual routine medical screenings (who knew that I would ever become a high maintenance kind of gal!)

I need to run -- there's some fabric that needs cutting, and, some dinner that needs making...


  1. Hi Linda,

    Not that you should feel ignored -- I am making a post on your blog. What do you mean who knew you'd become a high maintenance gal? It comes with getting old. Sorry! Join the "crowd".


    But, I see that you are still keeping busy.


  2. Ha... ha... Thanks for your comment. I am in good company!:-)


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