Saturday, June 23, 2012

the thunder monster was here...


I moved my cute little bunny (you can see him in the background photo) to another spot on the porch so that I could put out a "patriotic" statue for the upcoming July 4 holiday.  I moved him around the porch and thought I had found a safe -- temporary -- spot for him.  Well, yesterday's thunderstorms proved me wrong. While looking out the window, I was sad -- and thought he had lost part of his ear in this dreadful accident.   But, this morning we went outside to assess the damage -- and found the bunny, with both ears intact!  :-)

Hope the thunder monster didn't leave his mark at your house.

FYI:  The "thunder monster" is a fictional character that lives in the imagination of Ozzy.  Ozzy shakes all over when there are thunderstorms, or, when he hears "big noises".  Aaaaaaaahhhh!

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