Wednesday, May 8, 2013

~ another corner spot...

Tsk, tsk...  Silly me!  I didn't realize that you guys were actually waiting along with Nicholas and Sofia!  And, I also didn't realize that the music has to start as soon as you visit!  :-)  That is why you need to leave me the comments!  And, if you do...please add your initials or name -- otherwise I don't have a clue as to who you are.

So, while you are waiting for mother nature to work her magic over there in the shady corner spot -- I thought you might like to see what mother nature will be working on over here in another backyard corner spot.

~ another corner spot...

During the springtime, this corner is almost bare, so we temporarily place the seeds and seedlings here before planting them in their permanent spot.  Right now, there are morning glory seeds (3 different varieties), portulaca seeds, ageratum seedlings, and, light pink vinca seedlings.

By the end of the summer, if I plan it right

 -- this area --- will once again -- look like this!

Mother nature works faster in this corner so you are welcome to stand around and wait... :-)

~ watching the grass grow...

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