Thursday, May 23, 2013

~ how it begins...

At the beginning of May, Rick planted a few seeds around the backyard that he saved from our last year's sunflowers.  This past weekend, we were still looking at the wooden plant markers and dirt.  We thought perhaps the seeds had been damaged over the winter, so we decided to plant a few new seeds from a package purchased at the store.  As Rick was planting the new seeds, I thought to myself -- watch everything just pop out at once...

Yup...that's what happened :-)

This is a seedling sprouting from last year's sunflower seeds.  The seedling at the top of this photo is a rose of sharon -- we have seedlings all over the yard from our original Rose of Sharon.  I just pluck them out -- but this year I am going to try and keep a few to see what they do ;-)

~ how it begins...

This is the view of where the sunflower seedlings are  planted in the backyard outside of the kitchen windows.  The hosta plant at the left side of the photo is a transplant from 26 Hatfield.  It is in a temporary spot -- pretty sure this is the third year it's been there -- maybe it should just stay there...

~ how it begins...

So, I thought that this year I would record the progress of this little sunflower -- you know -- just because I have nothing better to do than sit back and watch the plants grow :-)


  1. I too planted sunflower seeds at side by garage. A few years ago I did same & they never grew. This year, success! About 10 seeds popped through. Now need to thin a little after they grow a little bit more. Also planted morning glory from seeds. They popped through too. LIke you, I like to see their progress in growing from seeds! Oops! Another little shower coming through.

    Hugs to all! Love, mom

    1. Would love to see some photos after they grow a bit! :-)


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