Monday, October 21, 2013

~ the transformation continues...

Every fall I purchase a few of these cute little $1 scarecrows.  They are only displayed for a short time, and then put away -- and usually end up in the trash because they get moldy.  This year, I decided to get a little more use from them.  I had 4 of them, so I cut a yard of white lightweight cotton fabric into 4 squares, draped a piece over the head of each scarecrow and tied at the neck with a bit of twine.  The most difficult part of the whole project was running down to the basement and back upstairs again while fetching art supplies from Sofia's stash.  Sofia is very particular about lending her paintbrushes and paint, so.. it was necessary for me to paint the eyes and then quickly clean up and put everything away before she came home from school. ;-)

~ recycling fall...

Yes, as soon as she saw these, she knew...  You'll be happy to know that my punishment wasn't too bad -- I only got "the look" :-)

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