Saturday, May 10, 2014

~ phlox in my garden...

...looks so lovely :-)

~ phlox in my garden...

All that phlox started as a single plant :-)  It's in the black pot in the photo below taken in May 2009.  Also, look at the size of the dwarf alberta spruce...hee...hee... it is so tiny :-)  The variegated shrub next to the watering can was moved to the backyard and replaced with the dwarf english boxwood shown in the first photo.


Also, this year, I found the dichondra!  YaY!  Last year I looked all over for it after falling in love with it in the gardens at Great Adventure Park --but it was too late in the season and unavailable at the local garden centers.  I planted it today in those square containers in the first photo.  I am looking forward to seeing the plants spill over the tops of those containers and work their way down to the pavement -- hmm...I think I might need to raise up those containers with some bricks or pavers.


  1. Beautiful! The dwarf Alberta Spruce really was a dwarf in 2009 and I just spotted that small container of Phlox. Hopefully, the photographer was able to get away before the creature lurking in the shadows pounced! KF

    1. Thank you! No photographers were injured during this photoshoot...hee...hee... :-)


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