Monday, September 29, 2014

~ last week...

...the weather was great for doing some powerwashing!

~ powerwashing...

The garden didn't need much attention, and, it was too early to start putting up the halloween decorations.  So...I did the front porch, the backyard fence, the garage doors, the back porch, and, the front walk.  Rick was trapped inside taking an online training class while I did this.  When he finally had a chance to come outside on Saturday to finish up the posts on the front porch, the weather was sunny and hot -- so he was not feeling the "great weather for powerwashing" that I had been raving about all week.

I'm off to this week's project -- hopefully that "great weather" continues to cooperate with me :-)

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  1. You and dad must have been on the same wave link. Dad also did the power washing last week. He did across the whole front from top to bottom. The side and back were done in the spring so they didn't need it this time. It's better he does it a little at a time anyway. This week a little warmer but cooler weather is predicted for the weekend. I'm ready for some cool weather all day and night. I start out with warmer clothes and before noon I am back in shorts.

    Hugs to all! Love, Mom


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