Wednesday, October 1, 2014

~ it's October 1st already...

...ahh (as in take a deep breath and relax!)  Look at that pretty autumn morning sky :-)  Okay, so I'm cheating here, because this photo is from yesterday morning. I also want you to enjoy my freshly powerwashed back gate along with me -- before it's 15 minutes of being clean is over.  We have 3 gates -- this is the one that gets the most use...and...the dirtiest.

~ early autumn morning sky...

Since the powerwashing made me feel energized, I decided that this week's project should be...

~ project for this week... get rid of the unattractive moldy stains on the front porch.  It is on the caulking surrounding the vinyl framing and woodwork. I get annoyed by it each time I change the decorations, and through the entire summer (yes, I vent this annoyance to Rick ;-).  We have tried everything over the past couple of years to get rid of it -- but it does not budge.  We cannot even get it out with sandpaper.  So -- I googled how to paint vinyl.  When I am done (by the end of the week) I will post a photo of this completed project.

And, then...we must quickly move onto --

                              halloween decorations!

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