Wednesday, July 21, 2010



I had so much fun yesterday while creating the banana muffin recipe card -- I decided to make another easy recipe card for you today! :-) This cucumber salad recipe is a variation on a recipe given to me by a family member. The original recipe has onion and tomatoes -- so you can throw those in too if the tastebuds in your house like that sort of thing!

I know -- it's hard to read (but I thought the picture would inspire you guys to make the recipe).

Here is the not-so-artsy recipe for you to copy:

1 Large cucumber
3 Tablespoons sugar
3 Tablespoons water
3 Tablespoons white vinegar

-Peel cucumber and cut into thin slices.
-Place slices in glass pie dish.
-Combine sugar/water/vinegar in small bowl and mix until sugar is dissolved.
-Pour sugar/water/vinegar mixture over cucumber slices.
-Tilt glass pie dish so that sugar mixture puddles to one side. Spoon mixture
over cucumber slices until all have been covered with mixture.
-Cover pie dish with plastic wrap and refrigerate until cucumber slices are cold.


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