Thursday, July 29, 2010

stating the obvious...

not so obvious...

In case you're wondering -- this is not the work of a graffiti renegade. "They" are preparing to repave the streets in our part of the "development". Who "they" are -- I do not know. I never catch "them" -- you know...the people who have been given the almighty power to write words on the street pavement. Not sure if "they" travel in packs, or, fly solo.

I know you're wondering why "they" are allowed to write the "move tree" command -- I am thinking they are allies of the men who dig trenches and smile while they do it.

I'm off to Thursday! :-)


  1. Why are they moving tree?


  2. They took away one of my favorite trees that was 3 feet away from that mark, and, then planted the tree you see in the picture in that spot.

    We don't know why -- guess "they" didn't feel it was necessary to tell us.


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