Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the elves here are busy...

I know what you're saying -- because you've said it to my face.  Here, the "magic" begins the day after the day after Christmas (yes, there is one day of rest...!)  So, anyhow -- that is the reason for my absence.

While I am busy with those elf kind of things -- my very talented son has been busy too.  I am amazed to learn that Nicholas can recite passages from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar -- by rote!  He has such a deep voice and he is so determined while doing so -- it is very wonderful thing for me to listen to.  I know not everyone can appreciate Shakespeare -- and I am a little biased in a motherly kind of way -- so maybe you all can humor me...just a bit?

Nicholas is also becoming quite the Beatles/classic rock music fan.  He is growing out of the nerdish and becoming quite the "most interesting man in the world"!   Yesterday, he brought home this pencil drawing of...I will let you take a guess at who it is.  Let me know in the comments section, okay?


  1. Okay, I'll take a jab at it; George Harrison? or, Maybe not. You are right, it is quite amazing how they grow almost overnight, pretty scary to me. But, you are right, mommy dearest, it is quite good, guess he gets the talent from you.

    So, I had the landscaper pull out all of my begonias and side plants. Even though they were still alive I knew that it was a matter of time before their demise and, seeing that just depresses me even more. How are the begonias at your house doing, still alive?


  2. Ok. I'll take a wild guess. Since you mention he is a beetles/rock fan could it be Ringo Starr??? How is his guitar music coming along?


  3. The begonias here are gone too. We take them out the day after halloween -- or earlier if the first frost gets to them before that. Never fear -- they will be back again in the spring...

  4. Oh, yes. I forgot to mention -- it is Ringo Starr! We have a winner! :-)


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