Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yesterday was a pretty neat summery thing to do kind of day.  We were a little bored and decided to take a ride over to our local shopping plaza to browse in a toy store that recently opened.  Sofia wasn't feeling "the fun" in that, so I mentioned that we could go to another store for her located in the same shopping plaza.  "What store?"  she said with little enthusiasm.  "How about Claire's?" I replied.

She's been asking to go to Claire's for weeks -- so as you can see -- she was very happy.  Then she mentioned that they do ear piercing at Claire's.  So I took a deep breath and went online to their website to get some info.  It looked quite reputable -- so I told her that we would talk to the person in the store about it.

Soooo -- we came home with some square cut cz earrings -- in her earlobes.  :-)

You want to hear the weirdest part?  When Rick got home from work last night he said to me -- did Sofia tell you that this morning, before I left for work, she told me that she had a dream she got her ears pierced ???  What ???  [...insert spooky music here...]

Nope...  I woke up late yesterday morning -- after Rick had gone to work -- and she never mentioned this to me -- not even a hint.  Are you feeling the psychic vibe... ???  [...insert more spooky music here...] 


  1. Wow Mommy, it seems like just yesterday we went though that right of passage. Hmmm, what's next for Miss Sofia??


  2. Happy things, good things, fun things... :-)


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