Sunday, September 18, 2011

family treasures...

I am in the process of decorating for fall and halloween.  The halloween decorating requires me to be in a specific "mood" -- you know -- just the right amount of eerie and nostalgic bundled with a bit of magic and fun.  While I was searching for "the mood" today, I found the items in the photo.  I know that you're feeling the nostalgic vibe from them, but asking -- what are they?  The photos within the photo are from left to right:  1) A very young Larry...dancing with Santa next to a Christmas tree.  There is a group of women in the background...all dressed in their 1940's Sunday best...complete with hats and gloves.  The photo looks as if the scene took place in an elementary school. 2) An even younger Larry...bundled in white clothing and blanket.  He is held by his mother (my grandmother).  Not sure of where the photo was taken, but my grandmother is wearing everyday clothes and a white apron -- so it doesn't seem to be a special occasion.


The box beneath the photos was Larry...when he was a child.  Guess this is where his love of woodcraft, and, woodburning began...

I am very lucky to be the caretaker of these priceless treasures.  And, I am off to a good start in my search for "the mood".


  1. Just by looking at the photo quickly, I could tell this is a photo of your Grandmother!


  2. You bet! In person you would be amazed at how much her face looks like my father! :-)


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