Wednesday, September 21, 2011

no one follows the rule...

The rule is that you can't put out Halloween decorations until October 1st.  Well... that's my rule anyway.  While driving Sofia to school the other day, I noticed that other folks in our neighborhood have their own rule.  Their porches are already decorated -- so now I am behind...  But, only in the front porch area.  Apparently, mother nature and some creepy spiders have taken it upon themselves to decorate the backyard...
new blog background 9/21/11

begonia plant


Guess I'm going to have to begin my own decorating earlier than I planned!  :-)

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  1. If you noticed while shopping they already have christmas decorations, etc. out. However, they don't have the decorations up in the stores yet. At least they weren't up last week. This week is another story. lol. But, I'm with you. Oct. 1st for Halloween decorations.


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