Saturday, June 29, 2013

~ vintage photo Saturday...

I missed last week's vintage photo day -- so for this week, I printed a group of vintage photos -- and then took a photo of them to share with you!

~ relatives from italy...

I never met any of these people.  I pretty much didn't know some of these people even existed until a couple of months ago!  After many, many years of searching on the internet for my family history I found a living relative in Asti, Italy.  Actually, she found me!  :-)  These are some of the photos of family members that she has shared with me.

Top of photo (left to right):  great-great grandmother Carolina Rissone, family photo, family photo, great uncle Marcello (young/old).

Bottom of photo (left to right):  great aunt Adele, great uncle Giouseppe, great uncle Ernesto, great uncle Alberto, great aunt Ida.

All of the aunts and uncles are sisters and brothers of my great grandfather, John Audenino.

Unfortunately, the three brothers who immigrated to the USA are not shown in the photo (great grandfather John, great uncle Francesco, great uncle Paolo).  Hopefully at some point I will also have photos of them.  I would also love to have a photo of great great grandfather Luigi -- maybe if I dig a bit more he'll show up too! :-)

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  1. Wow that was a big family of brothers and sisters. Who is the surviving relative in Italy. Age, relation etc. just curious?



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