Wednesday, November 6, 2013

~ granite countertop...


~ granite counter...

So happy that this area is functional for kitchen purposes -- so far we have the pantry cabinet, base cabinet with recycling bin/garbage pullout, overhead light/electrical outlet, and, countertop.  The "message center" part of the project has not started, and there is spackling, molding, painting, etc. that still needs to be done.  In the photo you can see that I am auditioning paint chips -- the two chips up against the wall are battling for first place.  The chip on the left side is named custard and is the lighter of the two.  The chip on the right side is name tahini and it is the darker of the two.  Which one do you think will win?

Oh, yes -- and in case you are wondering about what's going on under the countertop, up against the pantry cabinet?  It was necessary to make a "T" brace to support the weight of the granite countertop.  In the photo, it looks dark and unfinished, but it is painted the same color as the cabinet and looks fine in person.  Normally on the underside, there would be only the piece of wood running parallel to the countertop, but we didn't trust the integrity of the side of the pantry cabinet with the weight of the granite.  The construction of the cabinet is fine if you're not going to hitch a slab of heavy granite to its side -- but, since I didn't take the granite weight into consideration when we purchased the cabinet, we have a "T" brace.

Stay tuned...

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