Thursday, November 7, 2013

~ vintage fall crafts...

The weather made me feel a bit nostalgic yesterday -- so after I finished taking down the outdoor halloween decorations, I decided to pull this guy out of semi-retirement and hang him on the front door.  The colors are still pretty and bright outdoors with all the red and gold leaves on the trees -- so I think he fits right in.  Don't you?

~ vintage fall crafts...

I made this for the front door of the apartment we rented as newlyweds on South Kensington Avenue -- seems so long ago...


  1. I like it That would be nice on my front door also! Need to get new door décor after the holidays. Will have to take a ride up to King's. A store we visited often when we first moved down here, 17 years ago. Yikes!

    Hugs to all



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