Saturday, June 27, 2009

I finally caught it...

We had severe thunderstorms last night. The first was during dinner. The lightning was soooo close that we moved the chairs away from the windows while we ate dinner. Then the power went out. Rick had battery backup on his laptop, so we were able to see the path of the storm on Since it doesn't get dark until almost 9:00 p.m. we were able to get through dinner and then go outside after the storm passed. It moved slow and stayed to the southeast for awhile -- but we waited until we couldn't hear thunder before venturing outside. The lightning show kept our interest for quite some time. Even though it is erratic, I think I figured out how to catch a picture of it -- just point the camera and press the shutter release button down halfway. That way the camera will be all set to go and all you need to do is keep your eyes pointed up at the sky!

I did this for awhile -- but the lightning was travelling within a semi circle, so I was pointed in the wrong direction most of the time until I found the momentum of it.

Can you see the lightning? Just click on the picture and enlarge it. I finally caught it! :-)

If that wasn't enough, we were treated with this sight also.
We have had some breathtaking sunsets -- but this is the best one so far. I even think Scarlett O'Hara would applaud!

A little bit after all this the power was restored and then we had another thunderstorm -- the red blob on was right over our heads with this second one. We had lightning that was so bright it actually made our eyes hurt. And thunder that went...KaBOOOOOM!

I think we are more than ready for some peaceful weather.

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