Thursday, August 13, 2009

5 minutes...

After intermittent tears throughout the day, Sofia has settled down about yesterday morning's tragedy. We buried the little bunny next to the azalea bush in our yard. Sofia thought it inappropriate for the grave to go unmarked -- so this morning she created this endearing little "headstone" from a rock.

In red pen she wrote:

Little Bunny Foo Foo
Birth: ?
Date of Death: August 12, 2009

Her "art" is the outlet for her very deep emotions. It is more than the bunny that affected her yesterday -- she only saw the bunny for about 5 minutes while it was alive. But the fact that it was a little life that had chosen to visit her and made her giggle for that 5 minutes was very important to her. Now it is gone and she can't get it back.

So today, take 5 minutes, and make them important. You'll never have those 5 minutes again.

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