Monday, May 16, 2011

coupon monday...

Do you use coupons?  If you do, leave a comment and let us know which coupons are your favorites for this week.  If you don't use coupons, then let me show you why you should!

Here is the "extreme couponing" favorite of the week from our personal (behind the scenes) expert:

Offer in CVS stores:
Neutrogena suncare or sunless tanning lotion -- buy 2 and get $10 CVS extrabucks

Combine with:
the $2 coupon available at the website

So...if you purchase 2 of the "wet skin" 5oz. sunscreens for $7.69 each + tax (where applicable) = $15.38.  Then you subtract the $2 coupon = $13.38.  Then you subtract the $10 extrabuck (because that's free money you can spend on something else), you end up paying $3.38 for the 2 cans of sunscreen!

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