Friday, May 27, 2011

enough, already...

So, the torture continued yesterday -- as if digging big holes in the backyard wasn't enough -- those guys turned  our power off for 3 hours.  Now, that may not seem like alot of time, but -- when it is from 8:20 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. -- which is when I:  use the PC, telephone, vacuum the carpet, use the washer/dryer, turn on the pool filter, turn on the air conditioning because it is already 85+ degrees outside -- and -- need to open my garage door with the electric remote -- then 3 hours is alot of time.  There is a pull string on the garage door opener which I have used once before in such a situation -- but when I pulled it this time -- it broke!  Arrrrrrgh!!!  Luckily it unlatched the mechanism before it did -- so I was able to open and close the door manually until Rick got home. Ozzy benefitted from the power outage -- I sat on the cool kitchen floor with him so that I could groom him a bit and brush his fur.  Once the power was back on and I knew I could leave the house without having Ozzy melt -- I was off to run some errands.  I found these hanging potted plants at my local ShopRite for:  $4.99 each!  They had just been delivered and I had the pick of the lot!  I also had  $5.00 off coupon -- soooooo... five hanging potted plants cost me about $20!  I got a big Fushcia, 2 new guinea impatiens (these have 4 plants + vinca + some other grassy thing in the middle), and, 2 trailing geranium (these have 3 plants in each pot).

In my book, that balanced the day out just right!  :-)

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  1. Wow! I think you did pretty good too! Planteres look really nice! As for our weekend project we're staining the deck. I'm taking a 5 minute break so dad can finish up where I need to be. Break over back to work.

    Hugs to all.



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