Wednesday, February 18, 2015

~ the day after...

...winter storm Octavia.

Ozzy doesn't care that the temperature outside is only 5 degrees farenheit.  He wants to go for a walk with me in the early morning.  I try to delay the walk when it is so cold -- but he is persistent -- so I bundle up and take him.

This morning we were treated to a beautiful sky -- and the morning flight of birds that passes overhead.  This is a daily morning event -- usually I'm back in the house by this time, but this morning I took Ozzy for his walk and then came back in for my camera to take some photos of the beautiful morning, and...

~ morning walk... I could take a photo of this :-(

~ morning walk...
I first noticed some fur on the top of the snow (right side of photo).  And then...the spatter of blood :-(  It was bright red when I first saw it, and between the time when I went into the house to get my camera and then came back outside the spatter drops had deepened in color.

I am feeling guilty now.  Do you think if I had not delayed Ozzy's walk this would have not happened?  And then I think that this was not a random act of violence -- it was a wild animal catching it's prey to be eaten for survival.

There are some tracks -- and the fur can be from either a cat or rabbit.  It's possible a vulture swooped down to pick up this animal -- but I didn't see any feathers.  Since this happened on my front lawn, I will have to investigate it further -- I really don't want to have an animal carcass hanging around when the weather warms up.

For now, I am off to the store to purchase some sewing supplies so I can continue with the quiltalong I mentioned yesterday.


  1. Yes, Ozzie should have waited a while longer. I went for my walk around 11 o'clock and it was really nice. Especially since it was 3 degrees when we got up this morning. Ugh!! Spring isn't too far off, right? lol. The sun has mealted all snow on front lawn. Hopefully it has melted on spot where you found the blood spots left from some vulcher.

    Hugs to all.

    Love, Mom

    1. Ozzy LOVES the cold -- so he is quite impatient. It's easiest for me to take him out early, so he doesn't pace the floor and then stare at me until he gets his way :-) It is snowing again -- so the "crime scene" is covered.


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