Sunday, February 22, 2015

~ playing with my "new" old camera...

My "new" camera has been sitting idle since July 2014.  This is the camera that I received as a Christmas gift in December of 2013.  I have now beat my own record for longest amount of time between getting a new camera and not using it.

So, it's time to learn how to use the "new" camera.  Why?  Because my current goal is to "use what I have" to distract me from wanting things I don't already have -- so that I can get rid of some of the clutter here :-)

Here are some photos taken yesterday -- while it was snowing:

~ new camera lesson...

~ new camera lesson...

...and the photo that was left in the camera since July 2014!

~ new camera lesson...

None of the photos have been edited.  I need to study them a bit and then move ahead to some other settings on the camera.  I have my favorite settings that I use on my "old" camera -- and I need to find that comfort zone on this one too.

Looks like the sun is trying to peek through -- it might be a good day for more practice ;-)


  1. So ready for that last picture to appear again outside! At least it is almost the beginning of March and not the beginning of January!

    Hugs to all! Love, Mom

    1. I agree! And everyone I've talked to seems to feel the same way today.


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