Thursday, February 18, 2010

drumroll please...

I have had a request to post a picture of the finished powder room project. I am more than happy to fulfill this request. I am pleased that while my blog may be lacking in the "comments" area -- it excels in the email/telephone feedback area. Because we live further than a 20 minute drive from close family & friends, this was the original purpose of my blog -- to connect with all of you. I feel that I have been successful in this endeavor thus far and hope to enjoy the fruits of this continuing labor of love... :-)

So, now without further delay, I give to you...

the finished powder room!

The walls are a cheery kind of yellow -- with a hint of green. We now have a lovely glass shelf and a mirror that fits. The oversized builder's grade non-powder room towel bar has been replaced with a lovely towel ring (located behind the door that I can actually fully open now). The builder's grade toilet paper holder (which was screwed into the wall and through the duct work behind the wall) has been replaced with one that is properly installed and coordinates with everything else.

But -- oh no -- wait...

What's this...

Sigh... I'm off to find the spackle... again. Hopefully it will dry and I can get it painted BEFORE Sofia has another chance to pick it out of the wall again.

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  1. Oooooo, Ahhhhhh it's beautiful. Great job! It's nice to see the "camera shy' blogger for a change.

    I can't believe they screwed into the duct work.


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