Thursday, February 25, 2010

what to do on another...

...snow(y) day. It is not an official school snow day -- but I was not liking the condition of the roads this morning -- so, we are kind of "playing hooky" together. Shhh... don't tell!

We made homemade pizza crust and topped it off with leftover meatballs and sauce. Sofia made sure that the amount of mozzarella cheese was exactly right.

I had myself happily selfishly preoccupied (from the snow) with a crafty kind of project, so when I realized it was time to make lunch, poor Sofia was sooo hungry she would have eaten anything. I offered her some broccoli and she declined, so motherly instinct told me I still had a bit of time. I looked across the counter and there was the yeast "made especially for pizza crust". So, I offered this, and she was more than happy to have a cooking lesson AND a delicious lunch.

Here's the yeast I used for the pizza crust. It works great! I feel empowered. It takes 30 minutes to make and cook the pizza -- start to finish. Don't forget to pick some up next time you are at the supermarket.

The recipe on the back of the package made a 12" rectangular pie -- just enough for the three of us. It tasted great too! And, yes. I ate that last piece right after it posed for this picture. :-)

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