Friday, February 26, 2010

yes, yes, you can comment...

I am so happy! My audience is clamoring to leave comments! Hooray! If you are one of the people who I am fortunate enough to be sharing my life with, but, you are not wanting to subscribe to something just to leave a comment -- do not be sad. There is an easy way to show me that you took time out from your day to spend a moment with us.

How to leave a comment without subscribing:

1) Select the word "comments" appearing below the desired posting.

2) From the dropdown list select: Anonymous

3) Enter the word verification characters.

4) Press the "post comment" button.

The comment will not appear immediately. I have my blog set so that when I log in I get to read comments before they are posted. It's just easier for me, so I don't have to go searching through the blog to see if anyone has left comments that I don't know about -- because then I would be missing out!

Oh, and, if you don't want to be so anonymous, you can put your name right in there with the rest of your comment! :-)

P.S. If these instructions don't work -- please send me an email so I can correct them.


  1. Ok, let's see if I can comment this time. I did try a while ago but couldn't get it to post. Hopefully, I'll get through this time. By the way, it's me (mom).

  2. so that was easy!


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