Monday, May 17, 2010

long awaited...

We are looking forward to spending the 4th summer in this house. That means I have lived without my little backyard summertime oasis that we had in New York for a very long time. All we had there was a little 2 foot x 12 foot pool, a patio table with umbrella, and, a tree -- but it made me happy. Even though we worked very hard last year putting in the pool and installing the fence, planting arbovitae, and installing the paver patio, the backyard here has not made me happy -- until yesterday when this arrived in the box...

No, not them! :-)


Rick and Nicholas put it together, and when I sat in one of the chairs my eyes welled up with tears. I am finally feeling like this is home. Since the delivery arrived early in the morning, we had some spare time to visit one of the local nurseries -- and -- we "adopted" a tree that will be planted on the other side of the backyard to give some morning shade.

This past weekend was one of the "loveliest" I have ever had! :-)

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  1. Very nice!! WOW that puppy is getting big. Time for an entry on the growth chart.


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