Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer chair...

...summer hair!

So, after way too long, I went for a haircut yesterday. I feel great! While there, I had a professional color consultation with my stylist -- a pop of color would make me feel even better -- perhaps right before my birthday!

Okay, so what's the summer chair -- I'm sitting on it in the picture (which was taken by Miss Sofia). I went over to Pier One a few days ago in search of a stand for the awesome turntable. I found that, AND, the chair, AND, it was 50% off, AND, it had a twin sister! PLUS I got tons of "Pier One Cash" for opening a credit card -- so I can go back and shop more!

I'm having a little fun up here on the roller coaster ride -- after being waaaay doooowwwn below...

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  1. perhaps a better picture of the summer chair?


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