Saturday, May 15, 2010


Guess it's warm weather time again! Last evening we were "treated" to our first "sunderthorm" of the season. We must have been right on the edge of a red blob -- the wind didn't know which way to blow, and, it poured while the sun was shining. Poor Ozzy almost jumped out of his fur after a LOUD clap of thunder -- Rick needed to sit with him for awhile after that to calm him down. Then, as fast as it started, it stopped -- and we watched the rain blow away to the east and the clear blue sky mellowed into a beautiful sunset.

Today is just an all around perfect weather day. As you can see, Rick is out there doing the prep work for the pavers. I dug 2 holes and planted a daylily and the "fireworks" grass that is in my background picture.

The children are not fighting. The puppy is taking a nap.

I must have done something good this week to have earned such a reward. For, this is heaven on earth. :-)

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