Friday, May 14, 2010

now, how fast did this week go...

I cannot believe it's Friday already. I've been running in circles non-stop all week -- and I haven't finished anything but I've started a bunch of things -- sooo... in my book that is a good thing because I can finish next week when I'm back to being my organized self. We are planning on working on a small piece of the patio tomorrow -- looks like the weather will be cooperating and I will take some pics to share.

Oh, what's with the picture in this post? I am sorting through the old -- and I mean OLD -- records. That one in the picture is circa 1921. The recording artist is Al Jolson himself who (according to the label) was exclusive to Columbia at the time. I am excited to have a little bit of music history in my possession -- however -- I don't have a turntable so I can listen to this or the 10-20 others I discovered in the "pile". Nicholas has expressed an interest in these shellac beauties and the other more current vinyl ladies -- so perhaps an electronics shopping trip with my son is in order!

By any chance does someone out there have a gramaphone laying around that we can borrow? :-)

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