Tuesday, September 28, 2010

another tree related post...

Those happy tree planting guys came by this morning and left this for us!

This was not one of the trees that the official "tree people" tagged.  When they were tagging the trees, I took the orange plastic ribbon off of one, split it in half, put half back on the officially tagged tree, and, then told Sofia to tie the other half around the pathetic looking tree that was in this spot. (Please keep this secret between you and me -- don't tell "them" what I did, okay?)  I really didn't expect anything because the "tree people" that are in charge have their lists and their clipboards and their pencils and whatever else tree people need to do their job.  I'm just guessing that they didn't like the looks of that other tree either.  Do you think they'll go across the street and replace that dead pine tree -- the one you can see in the background of this picture?  Or, would that be just asking too much?

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  1. Probably will be one tree short so the dead pine tree will have to stay as is. lol.



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