Friday, September 24, 2010

expect nothing...

Let me just say upfront that I am not a pessimist.  I am a realist and I expect to have to work really hard for what I have or to have good things to happen.  But, today...

1)  Rick and I ventured into the land beyond Home Depot and Lowe's.  We went to a local building supply store in search of railing and decking for the back steps.  This job has been put on the back burner a number of times simply because we could not find the supplies we wanted.  Not sure of what we were in for, we were pleasantly surprised.  First, the store was immaculately clean.  Second, the sales people were friendly.  And, third, but most important -- the sales people were KNOWLEDGEABLE.  Our sales associate and, my new best friend, Andy, worked with us for about 1 1/2 hours so that we could have everything we needed to do the job right.  He shows us the breakdown of supplies and then the price.  It is about twice what I thought we would have to spend.  Andy, my new best friend, tells us to "hang on" and he works some numbers.  Okay, the price is coming down, but not far enough yet.  Andy, tells us to "hang on" again, while he goes out into the storage building.  He comes back in with some supplies that are lower in price.  Andy has now saved us over $300 -- PLUS -- the supplies are being delivered to us for free.  Andy has also saved me the hours of aggravation I would have spent trying to find the perfect supplies for the job at the best price.  Did I get rockbottom prices -- no.  Did I get the quality I want in the supplies at a very good price without aggravation -- yes.  I am happy.  :-)

2)  I am thinking that Nicholas will be home from school already when we get home -- but he is not.  There are 3 messages on the phone answering machine.  Two are from Nicholas and he sounds out of breath and a little upset.  Uh oh... I am thinking that I had a good thing happen, so, now here is the "bad" thing that is balancing it.  I check the caller ID menu and both messages are from the school office. ??  I look on the kitchen counter, and, there is Nicholas' cell phone.  I call the school office and find Nicholas there, unharmed.  He missed the bus.  I ask him what time is the next bus.  He tells me that there is another one to bring him home in about 10 minutes -- but -- if I want to come and get him he would be happy.  Yes, you guessed right -- I ruined his "happy".  The decision was good.  He arrived home, a little late, but otherwise no worse for the wear.

3)  I check the mailbox and find this coupon for a Christmas play at a Princeton theatre -- it's not the Nutcracker, but it is 50% off ticket prices for a performance on the first Sunday in December.  Sounds like a good idea.  I go online and check seating -- and with the help of Miss Sofia and Rick we find 4 good seats together.  Everything is good.  I go to check out of my shopping cart and I can't put in the coupon code.  Sigh... I figure it was too good to be true.  But wait -- they have live online help at the website.  I try that and the online help guy tells me to call in to purchase the tickets -- he says the website is having problems and I will save on the "website" per ticket fee by doing so.  I call.  The phone person takes my information and gives me a total -- it is $40 less than I would have paid if I had purchased the tickets on the website.  Hooray!

After all the chaos from the past 2 weeks, I was in dire need of "the happy ending"!  Maybe I can relax a little now.  Hope your week ended on a high note also.

P.S.  The saying is:  Expect nothing...and you shall receive everything!  :-)

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