Monday, October 18, 2010

gettin' a little witchy...

How do you like my little ginger*urchin witchy dress?  Hey, get that big dog out of my camera shot!

Wee...that breeze under my dress would be great for flying.  Now, if only I had a broom... 

What happened?  I think I fainted from all of the excitement!


  1. Good afternoon,

    So, Linda, do the other "neighbors" know what a lunatic you are yet? Only kidding. The witchy dress is adorable, and, I see that the begonias are still hanging in there too. So are mine. Also, when I woke up on Sunday, someone put a yellow mum on the other side of the orange one that I already had there. I guess they thought it needed company.


  2. You're funny! :-) They're used to me now. They thought I was a little crazy at first when I used to go over in the conservation area and water the trees...


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