Thursday, October 21, 2010

what do you mean it's not wednesday...

Okay, so I'm energized today.  The house is a bit disorganized and I was feeling up to the task of organizing.  I went through the pile of "junk" mail that has been collecting next to my desk for the past week.  I found a Lowe's Creative ideas magazine (free-bee) and in it they show some cute ways to use the popular totebags that all the stores have these days.  One of the ideas was to use them for your recycling items.  So, I said to myself -- I wouldn't mind my cute little Wegman's bag sitting next to my desk for this task.  So here it is!  I get so much junk mail that it's all ready to take outside and transfer into "big blue" already!

I also found a Kohl's flyer with a 20% off coupon and some Bonus Buys for Wednesday that I need.  Okay, I thought -- let me hurry up and finish what I'm doing then I can run over there and do my returns and pick up the Bonus Buys.  I finished my coffee -- the caffeine kicked in -- and I was a movin'...

But...then I realized that I was going nowhere fast -- it's Thursday :-( 

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