Friday, October 1, 2010


It rained last night.  Alot...

This morning, despite the gray sky and misty air, Sofia announced that she LOVES this weather.  ???  I'm not diggin' the weather so much -- but the flowers do look pretty. :-)  We need this rain to move out of here.  The supplies for the back steps are being delivered tomorrow. 

I'm off to work on the sleeves for Sofia's costume.  Hope you're keeping busy too with rainy day projects.

Happy October 1st!


  1. Wow, Linda you are right, the flowers do look magnificent. I still have the begonias and so far the are "diggin" this weather too. But, unfortunately, the first night of below 36, it is all over with.


  2. We still have the begonias too. We were able to enjoy them until the first week in November last year. Think we'll be that lucky again this year?


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