Tuesday, October 5, 2010

pink day...

"The girls" arrived from Thailand with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Sofia's other dolls girls were willing to share some clothing (but only for awhile) -- so -- I needed to get them a few things of their own.  The first thing I ordered was an adorable blonde wig with pink streaks in it.  The package with the wig arrived before the girls -- but -- it was not the wig I ordered.  :-(  Sofia liked it -- good thing.  I was disappointed.  I emailed the seller, and, she said that she could put the right one in the mail immediately.  The girls arrived...but the wig was nowhere in sight.

Sofia woke up this morning with her eyes looking the same as yesterday.  A little pinkish at the inner corner of each eye.  This is the third day they have looked this way -- so I decided it was time for the Dr. to check her out.  I called and got an early appointment.  The Dr. said she does not have pink eye -- maybe a little cold -- maybe a little allergy.  Whew...  She was happy -- so we came home, I packed her a lunch and off to school she went.

Oh...and the pink wig?  I found it in the mailbox this morning.  :-)

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  1. Where are you??? I miss seeing your posts. I hope you are feeling okay? No progress on Rick's latest project?



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