Friday, January 17, 2014

~ belated birthday card...

...for Nicholas!

~ belated birthday card...

This year, I was guilty of not giving the birthday card(s) to Nicholas.

Usually I give a card from each of us (this also includes a card from Ozzy and the cats).  But this year, I totally forgot!

Maybe, I had in the back of my mind that they didn't matter much anymore.  Not because I do not like to give them -- in fact -- many times, I go out of my way to hand make cards and give them to others.  However, over the years there has been a serious decline in the the cards we receive... Birthday... Christmas... Thank You cards.

Yesterday, Nicholas mentioned the absence of birthday cards for him, and it made me think of that old Hallmark commercial -- the one where the person receives a gift, but NO card!  So, today, I put on my "card making" cap and hand made a cute little card for my now -- 18 year old ADULT son.  I didn't want him to remember this birthday as "the one without the birthday cards".

So, perhaps people are not saying it aloud -- but they do enjoy receiving birthday, holiday, and, thank you cards.  ;-)


  1. :) Just send me a card and I'm happy! lol

    Hugs to all!

  2. Hey!! Happy Belated Birthday Nicholas!! wow, 18 yo, how did that happen!



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